Hacker held through photos of girlfriend's breasts

London, April 14 (IANS) A hacker has been unmasked after officials managed to trace the GPS data of his house from a photo of his girlfriend’s breasts that he had posted online.

The FBI swooped on Higinio O Ochoa III after he posted the snap, which included a gloating message to his online victims. He had earlier published the personal details of hundreds of police officers online, The Sun reported saturday.

He took the picture on his iPhone and posted it on Twitter – without realising it contained GPS data pointing directly to his house.

Photos taken on smartphones and some digital cameras automatically attach location co-ordinates to picture files.

The snap posted by 30-year-old Ochoa shows a girl in a bikini top from the neck down, with a printed message pinned to her skirt reading: “PwNd by w0rmer CabinCr3w”.

“Pwnd” is internet slang for “owned” – meaning beaten or humiliated.

Researching the username “w0rmer”, investigators also found a reference online which included Ochoa’s full name.

Using this information, investigators quickly established which door they should be knocking on – on a housing estate in a suburb of Melbourne, in Australia.