Hacker hits 24 sites to ‘alert’ govt

A national hacked more than 24 government websites Saturday morning in just two hours after those in charge of these websites ignored messages of a possible attack, said an online newspaper.

Through his Twitter account, the hacker “Cyber of Emotion” said that after the government websites ignored his messages about a possible attack, his group announced that it was going to attack those websites lacking strong protection and security.

The Saudi hacker and his team with the Arabic hashtag #minna_wala_min_ghairena (from us and not from others) said these hackings would not harm the data. “We are just creating a hurdle in the entry till these websites are corrected,” he said.

After attacking the sites, the hacker wrote both in English and Arabic: “We do not want to disrespect the website. We do not want anything. But if an enemy attacked it, your data about e-mails and users would be compromised. We are informing you that we want government websites protected from enemies before any major incident happens.”

Some of the targeted sites belong to the office of the kindergarten education, Qunfuda Health City, Misan Municipality, Center of Social Development of Al-Aflaj, Al Mahani Municipality, Al Ghat Municipality, office of the education in Al-Bark, Educational Gateway of Abqaiq, Traffic Administration of Asir, King Fahd Hospital, King Saud bin Jalwa Hospital of Al-Ahsa, and the Saudi Deaf Association.

Source: https://en-maktoob.news.yahoo.com/hacker-hits-24-sites-alert-govt-053327454.html

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