Hacker of Pakistan Breaches Indian Bank

Faizal, a prime hacker of Pakistan, has been involved in the unofficial cyber war in between Pakistan and India during last few years. Faizal had previously breached more than thousand websites of India, and now as per the report has been claiming that he has gained access to the E-payment gateway of a National Bank of India. However, security officials have confirmed that there has been no loss of data and money.

As per statement to the Mail Today by a senior officer of cyber security, “Faizal, and other members of Pro-Pakistani hacking community, have carried out some serious attacks recently”. Deccanchronicle.com posted on August 9th, 2016, stating that the officer further said that many websites of government in southern and north-eastern states of India have been hacked by them. They have also been successful in breaking web security of several educational institutions and banks. They are making fun of the web security system of India when India is focusing on Digital India.

The hacker gradually progressed towards targeting the government websites from private businesses. The most notorious incident happened during the month of June, when Faizal has defaced 7 Indian embassies websites all over the world. This included Indian Embassy in Ankara, Turkey; Indian Embassy in Mexico; Indian Embassy in Athens, Greece; Indian Embassy in Bucharest, Romania; the Consulate General of India in Sao Paulo, Brazil; the High Commission of India in Pretoria, South Africa; and the Indian Embassy in Dushanbe, Tajikistan.

Moreover, numerous government agencies and police stations websites are also defaced by the hacker. The hackers have posted on breached websites that “Hey Indian Government, Don’t Mess with Us”.

The cyber security experts have told that these types of hackers are getting tracked as well as monitored online on day-to-day basis. The cyber security experts further believe that Faizal got tracked recently in Dubai. Faizal, the hacker, is possibly steering his attacks from the countries of South-Asia, including Indonesia.

Independence Day of Pakistan and India is celebrated on 14th and 15th August. Every year on the Independence Day, the hackers of both countries try to prove their dominance over each other by hacking as well as defacing websites from their area.


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