Hacker ports Minecraft to Android Wear smartwatch


AN ENTERPRISING MODDER has become the first person to successfully port a game to Google’s Android Wear mobile operating system, having shown a video of himself playing Minecraft on a Samsung Gear watch.

The popular pixel-shifting game created by Swedish developer Mojang has proved itself so popular that it was recently bought by Microsoft, which paid $2.5bn for the company, valuing it at more than IBM’s x86 server business.

Having already conquered most operating systems, Corban Davenport decided, quite reasonably, that the Pocket Edition of Minecraft for Android could be ported to his watch, since it, with a Snapdragon 400 processor clocked at 1.2GHz and 512MB of RAM, is more powerful than a lot of low-end phones.

Exactly how he did it isn’t fully clear, but it’s safe to speculate that he sideloaded it by using the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) facility that allows communication between desktop machines and Android devices.

Hypothetically, using this method could make a device vulnerable to the Shellshock or Bash bug, but the circumstances that would trigger such an attack are so complex as to be almost a non-issue, though Android developers are working on patches, to be better safe than sorry.

The porting process is complex and prohibitive enough to be little more than a labour of love, or a fix for absolutely desperate Minecrafters who want a little clandestine block fun, but it does serve to demonstrate that Android Wear is capable of more than simply being a slave device to an Android handset.

As Android Wear devices become cheaper and more widespread, we can expect to see the modding community out in force to find new and different uses for the technology. µ



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