Hacker publication issues $10K bounty for Donald Trump’s tax returns

Donald Trump’s recent claim that a 400-pound hacker may have been responsible for breaching the Democratic National Committee has caused a bounty to be issued for the businessman’s tax returns.
The people behind an eminent hacker publication, titled 2600, announced a $10,000 award Wednesday for anyone who will provide them first with Mr. Trump’s tax records — widely sought financial records which the Republican presidential nominee has broken a decades-long precedent by refusing to release.
The offer was initially extended through the magazine’s official Twitter account and was discussed on a Wednesday evening radio program hosted by Emmanuel Goldstein, the pseudonymous 59-year-old editor and publisher of 2600: The Hacker Quarterly.
“This is a guy who has not released his tax returns, despite every presidential candidate having done that over the past however many decades, and somehow that’s just being swept under the rug,” he said during Wednesday night’s broadcast of “Off the Hook,” Motherboard reported.
“Guccifer 3.0, if you’re out there, this is what we need: We need somebody to get in and get these returns,” he added, evoking an alias used by hackers credited with two of the most significant modern security breaches of the American political establishment.


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