Hacker under investigation by Europol after classified data offered for sale | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

IntelBroker, a well-known black hat hacker, is being investigated by Europol after he offered classified data purportedly stolen from the agency’s system for sale, SecurityWeek reports.

An announcement by the hacker on May 10 said he had gained access to the law enforcement agency’s systems and was able to obtain classified and For Official Use Only data that came from various “agencies” within Europol, even posting several screenshots. Most of the information obtained, however, appeared to be from projects accessible through a platform law enforcement experts use for best practices, crime data, and knowledge sharing known as the Europol Platform for Experts, the agency confirmed.

On May 11 an updated post indicated the classified data had been sold and Europol has said it has taken action on the matter, with the EPE website currently showing an “Under Maintenance” message. The EPE platform doesn’t process operational information and the breach did not affect any core systems of Europol, therefore no operational data was compromised, according to the law enforcement agency’s spokesman.


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