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Hackers accessed Destiny’s Kick stream key, bragged about hacking Adin Ross next | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

It appears popular Kick streamer Destiny was hacked by some people who accessed his stream key on the platform and went live. Appearing to be a group of teenagers, they also bragged about hacking Adin Ross next as viewers on social media speculate about possible vulnerabilities in Kick’s platform. For those unaware, a stream key is akin to a password that allows a streamer to broadcast their feed through an encoder.

On paper, someone who has access to a streamer’s key would be able to go live on their channel. This is exactly what happened with Destiny’s stream recently when a group of teenagers accessed his stream key, claiming they found a vulnerability with the platform.

Furthermore, one of the hackers announced their next target was the most popular streamer on the platform, Adin Ross, who has been one of its biggest proponents. In clips shared by viewers over social media, the hacker can be heard saying:

“Next, we’re going to stream on Adin Ross.”

“Should Adin be worried?”: Fans express concern as Destiny’s hackers target Adin Ross’ Kick stream next

Stream keys are vitally important codes that are essential for streamers to access their accounts on different platforms. While Kick has seen a rapid rise in popularity, with many calling it a worthy rival to websites such as Twitch and YouTube, the Stake-owned platform is still relatively new. In regards to that, co-founders frequently talk about needing time to better their platform.

Well, it seems some hackers have found a way to bypass their security and get a hold of stream keys belonging to big creators on the platform, considering Destiny is one of the foremost streamers on the website. One of the hackers during the incident even asked people to donate money for him to take off his shirt, while another openly announced the next streamer they target would be Adin Ross.

caption-Hackers might have found a vulnerability with the platform (Image via Jake Lucky/X)

As pointed out by esports personality Jake Lucky, it appears the hackers have found a vulnerability with Kick’s stream keys. However, there has not been any official confirmation from the platform to corroborate their statements. Readers should note this is a developing story.

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