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Hackers are already looking into the PlayStation Portal | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

PlayStation portal’s usb details, according to tests by emuonpsp

The PlayStation Portal barely hit the market, that enthusiasts are always looking into what makes it tick. Long time scene veteran emuonpsp (who have been on the PlayStation Sony scene for at least as long as myself, hi!) started sharing screenshots and details on the device.

In particular, emuonpsp shared a (very) partial list of androidX libraries being used on the device, as well as some of the Portal’s USB and Network interaction:

PlayStation portal’s usb details, according to tests by emuonpsp

More interestingly (but unsurprisingly), it appears the PlayStation portal is putting some restrictions on pages that can be accessed via the internal browser. It depends on how the hacker ran the tests, but I’m wondering if a simple DNS redirection will do the trick this time, to try and mess up with the device. We’re all thinking Webkit exploits, of course.

“cannot display the page for this link”

It seems that the current firmware for the PlayStation portal is version 2.0, according to emuonpsp’s screenshots

Emuonpsp also has an interesting picture that helps understand the size of the PlayStation portal, compared to a DualSense

The PlayStation Portal has received mixed to positive reviews from mainstream media so far. It garnered encouraging initial impressions, but most reviewers are waiting to see if it will live up to expectations, and how well it will perform compared to other cloud gaming devices.

For more pictures and comments (in Japanese), head over to emuonpsp’s twitter profile in the source link below.

Source: emuonpsp on Twitter



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