Hackers Attack Computers of Investigators in S Korean President Corruption Case

The personal computers of the investigators were hacked via foreign servers in order to get access to the network of the team, engaged in the investigation into the presidential aide interference into the state affairs, the Yonhap news agency reported.

There have been no leaks of the information, but the incident is considered to be an attempt to interfere into the investigation, according to the news agency. Political scandal around the South Korean president broke out in late October 2016, when media reported that President Park allowed Choi Soon-sil, her friend and “shadow adviser,” who held no official post, to edit her speeches thus letting her influence the country’s policy. Moreover, Choi is accused of pressuring South Korean big corporations and extorting money from them for her non-commercial funds. The South Korean parliament decided to impeach President Park on December 9 due to her involvement in the scandal. The Constitutional Court has six months to decide upon the validity of the parliament’s impeachment of Park. If the impeachment is recognized valid, presidential elections should be called within two months.


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