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Hackers Can Now Knife Across The Entire Warzone Map | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

Whoever said it’s not wise to bring a knife to a gunfight needs a reality check. When that gunfight is a 150-player-wide battle royale to the death, you’d wager knives wouldn’t do much damage. Well, we’re wrong.

Technically, we’re only wrong because of some mad cheats, but nonetheless, knives are in. With some hacking wizardry, they serve more like Jon Snow butting through the army of the dead.

Despite Warzone 2‘s anti-cheat software doing a stellar job so far, Al Mazrah has been infected by hackers, and they’re causing havoc with knives.

Warzone 2 Hackers Are Knifing Players Across The Map

A new viral video has surfaced, where hackers can be seen penetrating Warzone’s walls and taking advantage of crazy aimbot hacks. It’s gotten to the point they can get kills just by shooting, or knifing, into thin air.

The clip was posted to Reddit and shows one player casually looting a duffel bag before being shanked to death, by nobody.

Come to the killcam, and it’s clear that the hacker has an infinite range on his jab, allowing him to knife players across the map without even being able to see them. 

Warzone Players Stunned At New Infinite Range Knife Hack

To nobody’s surprise, fans have been stunned by this new hack. “Wtf is that? I’ve seen some crazy hacks, but knifing you to death from anywhere is nuts,” said one player on Reddit.

Others jibed that the hacker just has a better gaming chair, or that it’s fair play and that the now-gulagged player should have been more aware of their surroundings. 

It is a one-way ticket to the Naughty list this Christmas, and Ricochet will surely seek out revenge on this player after a downpour of reports. In the meantime, if you get mysteriously shanked across the map, you know where it comes from.


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