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A security researcher, referring to himself as Anthony, has uncovered a potentially disruptive attack that allows hackers to flood iPhones with annoying pop-ups. By using a small device called Flipper Zero, which can be programmed to perform wireless attacks, Anthony demonstrated the attack, which he calls a “Bluetooth advertising assault.”

The attack worksbroadcasting Bluetooth Advertisements, which are signals useddevices to announce their presence and capabilities. Apple devices, including iPhones, use these signals to connect to other Apple devices and enable features like AirDrop. By bombarding the iPhone with persistent pop-ups, the device becomes nearly unusable.

To test the exploit, TechCrunch compiled the proof-of-concept code into a firmware software file and loaded it into a Flipper Zero device. When Bluetooth was switched on from the Flipper Zero, pop-up signals were broadcasted to nearby iPhones. The code successfully tricked iPhones into thinking they were near AirTags and even displayed a phone number transfer dialog.

While the range of the attack was limited to close proximity at first, Anthony claims to have developed a technique that can work over long distances using an amplified board. However, he has chosen not to share the details due to concerns about enabling spam pop-ups to be sent over vast distances.

Security researchers have been highlighting the potential misuse of Bluetoothhackers. During the Def Con hacking conference in August, a researcher scared attendeesmaking alerts pop-up on their iPhones using a Raspberry Pi-based contraption. Anthony suggests that Apple can mitigate these attacksensuring the legitimacy of Bluetooth devices connecting to iPhones and reducing the distance at which devices can connect using Bluetooth.

Apple has not yet responded to requests for comment on this matter.


TechCrunch – [Link]

– Bluetooth Advertisements: Signals useddevices to announce their presence and capabilities.
– Flipper Zero: A small device that can be programmed to perform wireless attacks on various devices.
– Proof-of-concept code: A code that demonstrates the feasibility or functionality of a concept or idea.


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