Hackers Can Unlock Tesla Cars by Stealing Owners’ Passwords

Corporate security consultant and Tesla owner Nitesh Dhanjani said that hackers can potentially unlock Tesla cars by stealing owner’s password. Tesla cars are password protected. When a customer buys the car he will be required to obtain a password from Tesla’s official website.
 The password that’s set by Tesla owners when they create an account is six characters long, and it must contain at least one number and one letter. This makes the password easy to obtain with brute-force attacks. Since it’s only 6 characters long, it’s not difficult to crack. 
Furthermore, there are no account lockout policies for incorrect login attempts. Nitesh Dhanjani says hackers can also employ certain other methods to obtain the password which may include phishing and social engineering. Nitesh said the if hackers get access to password they can lock and unlock the car can steal valuables placed inside. 
Hacker can also flash lights and can remotely locate the cars. Nitesh has submitted the findings to the company. Tesla assured that it will consider all possible risk and take the necessary measures accordingly.

Source: http://whogothack.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/hackers-can-unlock-tesla-cars-by.html#.Vnw2h-iLTIU

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