How #Hackers Can Use #BitTorrent to #Control Your #Computer?

Are you frequent BitTorrents downloader? Then your privacy and security are at risk too. Yes, you are reading it right because it is now proven that hackers can use BitTorrents files downloaded by yourself to control your computer sitting at their home. So if you have downloaded BitTorrents ever, then you must read the article to know about How hackers can use BitTorrents to control your computer So that you can take some security measures if your device is not already hacked.

How Hackers Can Use BitTorrent to Control Your Computer?
Recently, there has been a study on Transmission BitTorrent App, one of the most popular apps for searching and downloading BitTorrents from multiple peers. In this study, it is found that the app allows the websites or the torrent files uploaders to program malicious codes in the torrent files. Attackers used to put the codes in HTML coding saved as DNS server name. When users download the files, the HTML coding starts forcing the system to expire the DNS. Once the DNS is expired, the attackers get the access to the users’ computers.

According to Ormandy, the hacking technique is known as Domain Name System Rebinding. In this method, the users’ computers can be remotely controlled whenever the users browse to any unverified or malicious websites or download any unverified contents.

After the attacks have been made, attackers use to change the torrent file directory for auto-downloading of “.bashrc” torrents, whenever the users open a bash shell. Then the attackers then get full access to control the users’ system by configuring them. And then, the user’s loose access to their own computers and the attacker has full access sitting far away.

This is how hackers can use BitTorrent to control your computer. None is safe; it is possible in both Chrome and Firefox as well as on Windows and Linux too.

What is the way to prevent the Hackers?
Till the date of writing the article, there are no ways found for fixing the problem as well as to prevent the hackers from hacking computers using the BitTorrents. According to a Transmission official, users who use to disable their password protection and also enable remote access are facing such problems. So users are suggested to enable password protection, disable remote access and to use other BitTorrents with carefully. Never allow any files to run automatically on our system.

Privacy is precious. If it is compromised, your computer system is not safe. That is why we have written on this topic today so that you can know how hackers can use BitTorrent to control your computer as well as can adopt safety measures. Though there is no permanent solution available yet for the problem, we have recommended the best possible solution for you here i.e. enable password protection, disable remote access, and use BitTorrents very carefully.

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