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JAKARTA – A surprising claim came as a group of hackers announced they had succeeded in breaking into the Israeli Ministry of Defense’s computer system, even seizing information that was allegedly sensitive.

According to a security source confirmed by Israel’s daily Hayom, the attack has been successful in hacking the system, although it has not been explained whether the stolen data contains confidential information.

This claim first appeared on the Telegram platform, where the hacker group firmly stated that they had successfully accessed data from the Ministry of Defense’s computer system.

A number of documents allegedly derived from the Ministry of Defense contain information related to “communications and orders,” which hackers offer for sale at a price of 50 bitcoins, equivalent to around IDR 54.6 billion.

In addition, it was reported that hackers also managed to obtain broader data, but they would only consider selling it if Israel agreed to release 500 Palestinian prisoners. This adds to the political dimension to this tense hacking incident.

Israel’s Ministry of Defense has not made official comments regarding this claim, but this kind of cyberattack raises serious concerns regarding national security and data privacy.

Israel, like other countries around the world, continues to struggle to strengthen their cyber defenses, facing increasingly complex and growing threats from hackers operating online.

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