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A hacking group, operating by the name of ShinyHunters, have reportedly obtained the personal details of 560 million Ticketmaster users. The collective is said to be currently selling this wealth of data on the dark web, for an asking price of $500,000 (around £400,000). 

If the hacking group has, as it claims, obtained this data, it is likely that it would contain the full names, addresses, contact details and purchase history of those 560 million users. This data can now be sold on to advertisers, cyber criminals and virtually anybody else who is willing to pay the hefty price tag. The alleged hacking ha certainly done nothing to help the company’s already shaky reputation.  

At the time of writing, neither Ticketmaster nor its parent company, Live Nation, have given any form of comment on the alleged data breach. However, Australia’s Department of Home Affairs have claimed to be “working with Ticketmaster” with regard to the hacking, therefore the company seems to be aware of the extent of the issue. 

Previously, ShinyHunters have been responsible for data breaches targeting the likes of Microsoft, Pluto TV, as well as the American telecommunications company AT&T. However, cybersecurity experts such as Christopher Budd have claimed that the hacking group’s claims of data theft should be taken with a pinch of salt.

“Right now, since we only have the attackers’ words to go on, it’s too early to make any firm statements about whether there was a breach and what, if any, data was stolen,” the expert told Cyber Daily yesterday. However, the previous history of the hacking group does seem to give a sense of authority to the present situation.

Regardless of whether or not these hacking claims are wholly truthful or not, Ticketmaster are yet to publicly comment on the situation is likely to worry users. 560 million people form a not-insignificant part of the company’s entire customer base, who many of whom, may be fearful of the platform’s security. 

This data breach is the latest incident in a series of bad weeks for TIcketmaster. Only last week, a lawsuit was filed against its parent company, Live Nation, by the US Department Of Justice. The suit accuses both companies of, essentially, creating a monopoly over ticketing, as well as operating in an anticompetitive way.

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