Hackers Claim They Will Start “Class Action Lawsuit” After Overwatch Ban

With the new patch on the PTR, has also come a new set of tools for Blizzard to catch hackers. This has caught out a major wave of hackers utilizing aimbot programs such as Highnoon and Overjoint.

A post on the official forums contains dozens of players complaining about the ban, even if they only tested it once. The salt has been delicious to behold.

“I literally ran the hack one time,” one user said. “People told me that the hack is undetected.”

“I’m going to sue Blizzard,” another said angrily upon learning about their ban, saying that he would start a class action lawsuit. Something tells us that’s not going to go very well.

Highnoon contained an aimbot, the ability to disable recoil, and a script for bunnyhopping your way around the map. Users of this hack claim they were banned as soon as a day after.

The jury’s out on exactly how these hackers are being detected, but it’s good to know that they can’t escape from Blizzard’s sights. This isn’t the first wave of bans to hit Overwatch, either, so Blizzard is keeping ever vigilant.


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