Hackers Falsely Tweet Britney Spears Death

A fake news tweet had been released by Sony Music Global’s twitter account in which it falsely reported that famous pop singer Britney Spears had died.

The hacker group known as OurMine have allegedly been the possible suspects behind this recent false claim of the singer’s death.

On Monday early morning, numerous tweets had been posted expressing condolences to Britney Spears upon hearing to what they thought was real news released by Sony Music Entertainment.

However, later on it was revealed and announced to the people who followed Sony’s twitter account that it was highly probable they had been hacked into.

One such tweet who read the false news read “RIP @britneyspears 1981-2016” with an additional hashtag of #RIPBritney.

OurMine Claims Responsibility

Only half an hour later did the hacker group OurMine claim full responsibility to this false news that had went viral on the early morning of Dec, 26th, and tweets from Sony Music were removed from the account.

OurMine has often aimed for accounts that have significant numbers of followers throughout 2016.

Other such victims that have fallen under the hacker group’s hands include the Twitter account of Netflix, and that of Marvel just one week ago as well.

Hacking for Publicity

Back in September, the hacker group also tapped into the website of Variety, along with snooping in on their emails, then sent out several messages to those who are subscribed to Variety, and within the subject space they had written “Hacked by #OurMine.”

It is presumed that OurMine have been conducting all these hacks in an attempt to promote their own security services.

Bob Dylan’s twitter account also fell victim to OurMine, where a message was sent from his account regarding Britney Spears fake death news, and it read “Rest in peace @britneyspears.”

As of now, representative for both Bob Dylan Sony Music Entertainment have yet to respond to this matter.


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