Hackers find a way into your computer through remote access program

What if having a password to log onto your computer couldn’t stop a hacker from getting in? What if the one thing you overlooked, is leaving the door to your personal or business files wide open?

There’s a remote access program that’s allowing hackers right into computers because of a lack of password protection on the user’s end.

Documents with industrial information, plans for power plants, even confidential patient data, are all screens the computer user thought were only visible to them.

“This is me live on their system,” said WPTV Internet Security Expert Alan Crowetz, www.infostream.cc. “I had full access as if I was sitting in South Korea in front of that computer.”

The program, VNC, is one that many businesses and computer users have. It allows tech support to gain access to their computers and troubleshoot technical problems.

‘What VNC is, is a remote control program designed to put you in front of the computer,” added Crowetz.

It’s a free and useful program, problem is, users are not protecting their remote access with passwords. Crowetz showed us how easy it is to look at someone else’s screen remotely. He downloaded VNC viewer, typed in an IP address and if there was no password to get access, he could just walk right in.

“I saw lots of industrial plants like what it looks like could be power plants or water plants, I don’t know if they are nuclear plants God forbid, around the world where you can actually go onto the computer and change settings,” added Crowetz.

Even Doctor’s offices, which are strictly regulated because of HIPPA laws had files wide open for anyone to see.

“They’ll protect their forms, their files and their servers like Fort Knox, but if I can sit in front of your computer logged on as you, you might as well give someone the key to Fort Knox they’re going to get right in,” said Crowetz.

Crowetz suggests adding a password to your remote access program or if you’re not familiar with how to use it, uninstall it from your computer.

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