Hackers Fuel Cybersecurity Industry

CybersecuritySOFTWARE has been a major focus in pop culture since the release of the 1995 film, Hackersstarring Angelina Jolie.COMPUTERbreak-ins have since been a significant theme in countless movies and television programs. The entertainment industry has provided cybersecurity firms with the best promotion imaginable; film and program content that induces widespread fear of hackers.

SOFTWAREmanufacturers and other companies involved in the cybersecurity industry were able to benefit from the heavily-publicized hack of the Sony Corporation, which took place in November 2014. Three weeks before Sony was scheduled to release its highly-publicized movie Annie, hackers stole the film and leaked it to many “file sharing” websites. The Sony hack also resulted in the theft of the film, Fury, starring Brad Pitt and Shia LaBeouf. Fury was downloaded over one million times within the first month after it was pirated.

Cybersecurity company FireEye was perhaps the most significant beneficiary of the publicity resulting from the Sony hack. FireEye’s Mandiant subsidiary was heavily involved in the investigation of this incident and FireEye was able to generate a good deal of publicity as a result. Mandiant offersSECURITY management services along with its proprietary line of security incident management products. Mandiant’s client list includes several high-profile financial institutions and Fortune 100 companies.

Source: http://www.economywatch.com/features/Hackers-Fuel-Cybersecurity-Industry1124.html

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