Hackers hit 330,000 cash registers to steal your credit card data

Keeping your credit card details safe is getting harder and harder these days. Cybercriminals are trying to steal your information no matter where you use your card. In the last year, we’ve seen attacks on restaurants, retail stores, hotels and even hospitals.

We recently warned you about credit card skimmer scams spreading to the checkout line. Now, I’ll tell you about a new breach that came from a behind-the-scenes attack.

A Russian group of organized cybercriminals that normally attacks banks and retailers has breached Oracle Corp. KrebsOnSecurity says hundreds of the software giant’s computer systems that process credit card payments have been hacked. Companies’ customer support portals that use Oracle’s MICROS point-of-sale credit card payment systems were compromised.

MICROS is one of the top three global point-of-sale vendors. Over 330,000 cash registers worldwide use these point-of-sale systems at casinos, bars, restaurants, retail sites and hotels. The full scale of the attack has yet to be determined.

Oracle says that they have detected malicious code in some legacy MICROS systems and that they have addressed the problem. All MICROS customers are being advised to reset their passwords for the online support portal.

Oracle added that their internal systems and cloud services had not been compromised. They say credit card information is encrypted while in transit as well as while it is being stored. However, it’s unknown how many credit cards were compromised on point-of-sale devices that were infected with malware.
As a precaution, you need to keep an eye on your credit card statements. Watch for small charges at first and then bigger ones down the road. If you see any suspicious activity report it to your financial institution immediately.


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