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Seven days ago, on December 12, ransomware group Rhysida hacked into popular game developer Insomniac’s online database and demanded a payment of 50 BTC (bitcoin) from the company, which amounts to roughly 2 million dollars. The hackers said unless they were paid within 7 days, the 1.67 terabytes of internal data, which include 1.3 million files about the company’s upcoming projects, personal staff information, and more, would be released online. Now, seven days later, today, December 19, Rhysida group has leaked 98 percent of the data on its darknet leak site, after Insomniac refused to pay the criminals. The leaked data has revealed information about Marvel’s Spider-Man 3 and Wolverine games, which are currently being developed by the game company.

A spokesperson for Rhysida told Cyber Daily, “Yes, we knew who we were attacking. We knew that developers making games like this would be an easy target. We were able to get the domain administrator within 20–25 minutes of hacking the network. Sony has launched an investigation, but it would be better in the backyard”. The hackers also said their only motivation behind the attack was money. Interestingly, 2 percent of Insomniac’s data that has not been leaked online is allegedly being auctioned to enterprises.

Insomniac data leaked

The data was leaked in three parts, with each part containing online data catalogs. The most shocking part of the leak is regarding the upcoming projects by Insomniac. We now know the entire roadmap of the game developers going as far as 2033. Insomniac is planning to release Marvel’s Venom in 2025, Marvel’s Wolverine in 2026, Marvel’s Spider-Man 3 in 2028, Ratchet & Clank’s new game in 2029, Marvel’s X-Men in 2030, as well as an untitled game in 2031 or 2032, as per the leak, reported IGN.

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Apart from this, the leaked data also discloses early footage from Wolverine as well as previously unannounced characters. Not only that, the cast of the game, some key locations, and the plot have also been revealed by these leaks.

Marvel’s Venom is also fully detailed in the leaks. We know the official title of the game (as of now) is Venom: Lethal Protector. The game starts right after the events of Spider-Man 2 and its ending leads to Spider-Man 3. ‘We also know that the game’s price has been mentioned to be 49.99 US dollars.

Similar information has been leaked about Marvel’s Spider-Man 3 which is pegged to be released in two parts, the latter of which will be an online experience.

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