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Things have taken a turn for the worse after hackers leaked the source code of Chivo, the state-owned Bitcoin wallet. CiberInteligenciaSV, the hacker organization that owns the node, has posted a list of exposed addresses on BreachForums, along with a vulnerability in the system.

As if that was not enough they also published the file Codigo.rar with code and VPN credentials from the Chivo Wallet ATM network.

This latest spot of the cyber breach follows a trend of cyberattacks, one of which is the recent loss of the personal data of 5.1 million Salvadorans and making citizens and businesses more worried about the security of the country’s digital infrastructure.

The Salvadoran government, despite warnings issued by cybersecurity experts, has only a blank face on the case, failing to address the growing security threats caused by such activities. The cybersecurity project VenariX did not hesitate to alert users through a post they shared on X exposing their plans to leak the delicate information as per their post on telegram.

The Chivo wallet, which was released in September 2021, was designed to cater to Bitcoin trade for citizens as part of the eminent country’s first-ever move to adopt Bitcoin as a legal trend.

Digital vulnerabilities have now been brought to the fore by the code leak incident, unitarily increasing Chivo wallet’s security flaws while compelling the government to take definitive steps to guard its electronic infrastructure and protect its citizens’ interests.

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