They thanked the hackers and asked for the release of other popular shows on other networks too.

“It didn’t have to be this way, Netflix”.

They added a veiled threat: “We’re not quite done yet, though. We figured a pragmatic business such as yourselves would see and understand the benefits of cooperating with a reasonable and merciful entity like ourselves”, the hacker taunted. They said they only acquired the first ten episodes of the thirteen-episode season because the attack happened before the final three were available. Though Netflix does not release viewership data, execs have said it is the platform’s most watched original series.

The group warned that more Netflix material could be leaked soon – and not just the streaming service’s proprietary work.

Orange Is the New Black is expected to return to Netflix on June 9.

The hacker in question, someone (or someones??) called thedarkoverlord, has released a public statement regarding the leak that suggests that they’re in possession of content from a number of other production companies, including ABC, Fox and National Geographic.

The Associated Press claims rumors of a massive alleged hack of film and television productions have circulated for months.

It is unclear how the leak will affect Netflix’s bottom line.

In their ransom note, the hacker demanded that “modest” amounts be paid to prevent the leak, and also claimed to have stolen series from other studios including ABC, Fox, and more from Netflix.

Netflix contacted the authorities once it received the ransom demand.

The hacking group didn’t explain why it made a decision to extort Netflix months later, but it wrote in a message that “there’s still time” for the other networks to comply with their demands.

Overall, Netflix added 1.42 million new US and 3.53 million global subscribers, boosting its total subscriber base to 98.75 million. That’s substantially higher than the company’s average gain of 1.8 million subscribers in the same period over the past five years. The authorities, such as the FBI, are investigating the hacking and are doing everything they can to find out who it is and to stop them completely.


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