Hackers are now trying to take down the whole Internet!

Security expert Bruce Shneier revealed this month that some of the major companies that provide the basic infrastructure that make the Internet work, have seen an increase in DDoS attacks against them. It is believed that these attacks are designed to exactly monitor how these companies defend themselves.

Schneier’s guesses are China or Russia. He states, “The data I see suggests China, an assessment shared by the people I spoke with. On the other hand, it’s possible to disguise the country of origin for these sorts of attacks.”

He added, “The NSA, which has more surveillance in the Internet backbone than everyone else combined, probably has a better idea, but unless the US decides to make an international incident over this, we won’t see any attribution.”

Of course, companies aren’t willing to talk about it publicly. However, attacks are continuing to be more complex, frequent and persistent. A report by ExtremeTech pointed out that one important aspect of these attacks is their power and frequency. This implies that enormous resources are at the disposal of the attacker and strongly indicating a nation-state as the culprit.