Hackers Post Scandalous Text Screenshots on Blac Chyna’s Instagram Account

It’s official, Blac Chyna has been hacked. The reality star’s has taken to Snapchat to tell her fans that her Instagram account has been hacked and to encourage fans to follow on her new account (@_blacchynala). She also made sure to mention that whoever hacked her is “really, really, really really mad” for some reason.

The hackers ended up posting a series of screenshots and notes. The notes, at first, were written as if it was Chyna writing them, claiming that she was leaving fiancé Rob Kardashian and taking her baby, Dream Kardashian with her. What’s more, she was just going to leave and not tell Kardashian.

Next, the hacker changed strategies and threatened to post a series of direct messages from Chyna’s phone. These messages would include conversations between Chyna and her lawyer about the recent branding controversy with the Kardashian family, chats with other men she was potentially seeing, and conversations with friends about Rob Kardashian.

“So shady and look how she says until we win! Stop using Rob! You already had his baby out of spite!!” the hacker captioned the post of Chyna talking to her lawyer.

Afterward, the hacker posted a conversation between the rapper Young Thug and Chyna where it appears that she is asking the rapper for money. The hacker captioned the post claiming that Chyna was giving out an old phone number to other men so she could meet with them in secret.

There is even a post where the hacker claims that Chyna gave out that same old phone number to Jayden Smith, Will Smith’s 18-year-old son, and Kylie Jenner’s ex-boyfriend. What’s more, in that conversation it looks as if Smith is talking to Chyna about Jenner and her current boyfriend, rapper Tyga, who happens to be Chyna’s ex.

As of now, it’s unclear how her account was hacked and whether or not these messages are authentic. Currently, it doesn’t look like Kardashian doesn’t have much to say about the allegations made about Chyna by the hacker. Flip through the slideshow to see some of the hacker’s posts.


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