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Google hackers Vlad Stolyarov and Clément Lecigne, part of the crack team of security researchers that form Google’s Threat Analysis Group, have uncovered the eighth zero-day vulnerability impacting Chrome browser users of the year.

What Have The Google Hackers Discovered?

In response to the discovery of CVE-2023-7024, Google has issued an emergency attack patch for all Chrome users as it is known that an exploit already exists on the wild. Rated as a high-severity vulnerability, CVE-2023-7024 impacts the open-source WebRTC component of the Chrome web browser and is of the heap buffer overflow variety. This real-time communication component enables audio and video communication within web pages and is deployed by most modern browsers. Google doesn’t reveal details of such vulnerabilities until such a time as a majority of users have been able to apply the patch and update their browsers. However, any web browser based on the Chromium project will likely be vulnerable to the same exploit.

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Emergency Google Chrome Patch Rolled Out Within 24 Hours

The seriousness of this vulnerability can be gauged not only from the severity rating it has been allocated but also from the speed of releasing this emergency patch for Chrome users. Google says that it was only reported by the TAG hackers on 19 December, with the update confirmation being posted the next day.

Google says it will roll out the update to patch vulnerable Chrome installations in the coming days and weeks. This will take your Chrome version to 20.0.6099.129 or 20.0.6099.130 if you are a Windows user, while Linux and macOS users will be patched to 120.0.6099.129. However, you don’t have to wait to get it, and I would strongly recommend forcing an update as soon as possible. This is easy enough to accomplish, requiring you to head for the About option in the help section of your browser settings. This checks if you have the latest Chrome version and downloads the update if not. Please remember to restart your browser after the update has been installed, or it will not activate, and you will still be vulnerable to attack from those exploiting CVE-2023-7024.

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