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Ukrainian hackers of the Cyber Resistance team have revealed new details about the production of Russian Orlan-10 reconnaissance drones.

InformNapalm reported on this.

The relevant information was obtained by hacking into a mailbox that was used for official purposes and contained documents of the Russian Special Technological Center Ltd.

The information obtained revealed details about how Russians circumvent Western sanctions to purchase foreign parts for weapons and equipment production.

It’s worth noting that the procurement manager for the Research and Development Department of the Special Technological Center, Andrey Pavlovich Florinsky, played a significant role in acquiring valuable information.

According to the information received, purchases of relevant equipment through China have been on the rise. In addition, purchases were made in the national Chinese currency, the yuan.

Some of the proposals were also offered in euros. It should be noted that the documents contained such details as the projects for which the relevant parts were being purchased, where, in addition to Chinese parts, Swiss parts were also noticed.

The German company Rohde & Schwarz was also among the companies with its offer of December 20, 2023. In early January 2024, after the publication of the first part of the documents regarding the parts used in the Orlan-10 UAV, which also included the products of the above-mentioned company, representatives made a public statement on their Facebook and X (Twitter) accounts 3 days later.

The company publicly promised to review its own business processes to identify critical problems associated with the sale by intermediaries of their products that end up in production facilities in Russia.

During a detailed review of the documents, they often mentioned the Swedish company AXIS, manufacturer of video cameras, which, according to the documents, are used on Orlan-10 reconnaissance drones.

The report also contains recommendations on how contractors should act to be able to make foreign currency payments abroad. First, they should open appropriate accounts with PJSC Promsvyazbank, which is closely linked with the defense industrial sector of the Russian Federation.

The second is an explanation of how to deal with foreign contractors.

It should be noted that this is not the first time that hackers have published Russian companies’ internal information online.

As Militarnyi previously reported, the Head Mare hacker group published internal documents of the Russian High-Precision Systems and Technologies scientific production association.

The published documentation includes technical information about the products, information about the companies responsible for production, and personal information about employees.

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