Hackers Shut Down Pokémon GO Servers

On Sunday, Pokémon GO’s online servers were compromised as a result of an attack by three-person hacking group OurMine. In recent weeks, Pokémon GO has overtaken the mobile app industry, far surpassing industry heavyweights — like Twitter and Tinder — in terms of daily downloads and users. The weekend hacking came just as Pokémon GO’s parent company, Niantic, was ironing out its expansion of the mobile game across 26 additional countries. OurMine, also responsible for having breached the social media accounts of tech bigwigs, like Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Google’s Sundar Pichai, claimed responsibility for the attack on its official blog.

OurMine is unique in its hacking approach, as its efforts are usually not malicious and are, instead, motivated by a desire to make the affected server more secure. OurMine’s blog post announcing its attack on the augmented reality game’s servers offered for Pokémon GO staff to contact the group, though it is unclear if its aid was sought before or after Pokémon GO’s servers were restored on Sunday, or if ever.


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