Hackers Shut Down Twitter, Russia Is Next: World War 3 Starts In Cyberspace

There had been speculations about the possible occurrence of World War 3. This theory is formulated after different countries acquire high-caliber weapons from Russia. But it appears like the war will start in an unexpected way.

Recently, different websites shut down as an effect of a cyber attack called the distributed denial-of-service, or DDoS. The hacker group who claimed the attack revealed something alarming.

Affected websites are the huge sites like Twitter, Netflix and PayPal. Users were temporarily blocked access to these websites. Jason Read, founder of Cloud Harmony tracked a half-hour-long disruption=on their website on Friday.

On its first attack, those affected are sites along the US East Coast. Meanwhile, a second attack occurred disrupting users from Europe and the West Coast. This is the same group who attacked ESPNFantasySports.com in September and the BBC on December 31.

Hackers Targeting Russia?
Hacker group New World Hackers claimed responsibility for the attack via Twitter. But this is not yet verified. They said that they organized networks of connected devices in order to make a big botnet that could throw 1.2 trillion bits of data every second at the Dyn server.

According to the hacker group, their attack on the websites is merely an antic and is just a dry run. Their bigger target is actually the Kremlin.

They clarified that they are not after getting some money. They also do not have anything personal against the affected websites. Instead, it is actually a test for their attack to the Russian government that may spark World War 3. This is a revenge for Russia’s cyberattacks against the US this year.

“Twitter was kind of the main target. It showed people who doubted us what we were capable of doing, plus we got the chance to see our capability,” said the hacker via Twitter direct message who is codenamed, Prophet.

Will this cyberattack mark the beginning of World War 3?


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