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  • Cisco Systems has reported that hackers have manipulated some of its digital security devices to illegally access government networks worldwide.
  • Edge devices such as routers have become an increasingly popular target for threat actors, particularly with the rise of state-sponsored hacker groups.

Leading tech firm Cisco Systems has reported that hackers have managed to subvert some of its digital security devices to gain unauthorized access to government networks worldwide. The company stated that the Adaptive Security Appliance range of devices had a few previously undetected vulnerabilities a sophisticated state-sponsored threat actor called UAT4356 had exploited.

While network security appliances such as firewall devices are popular for security setups, they are increasingly targeted as edge devices are on the periphery of networks, and attacks are not detected as easily. Cisco’s report warned that hackers were particularly targeting Microsoft networking devices. So far, no government body has confirmed evidence of such attacks.

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According to the report, the vulnerabilities actively used since earlier this year have now been patched. While the company did not give further details about the breaches, it urged its customers to update their software immediately to mitigate the threat.

The news gains importance, especially in light of the FBI’s recent warning about a Chinese hacking campaign that gained access to several American companies and infrastructure organizations in the energy, telecommunications, water, and energy sectors, particularly with the U.S. elections coming in a few months.

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