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Hackers steal from Stark County, Ohio, residents in Facebook sale scam | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

CANTON, Ohio (WJW) — Bill Hanna said he was caught off guard when he was messaged by a friend on Sunday asking if he was all right.

On his Facebook page, a post said Hanna was moving and had to sell off a long list of his belongings, including golf carts, lawn mowers, a sectional couch, kitchen accessories, motorcycles and even French bulldog puppies.

The problem is Hanna isn’t moving and none of the items listed on his page for sale are actually his.

Hanna said hackers took over his page after he thought he was sharing some information to help out a friend.

Since then, he said people have been showing up at his house to pick up things they made deposits for on Facebook Marketplace.

They include a Stark County sheriff’s deputy and another couple who showed up separately to pick up a couch Hanna doesn’t own and isn’t selling.

Other victims include members and supporters of “Stark Strong,” an effort created by Hanna in 2018 following six tragic suicides at Perry High School.

“We started as ‘Perry Strong’ and then we got so big that we changed it to ‘Stark Strong’ and brought in all of Stark County to pass on the word about suicide prevention,” said Hanna.

“Our mission was to get the word out about suicide prevention mostly for the kids in high school, in any school. That was our main objective,” said Hanna.

Hanna was the administrator on the page of which the hackers also took complete control.

A friend contacted Hanna on Monday to say when they saw his moving sale they sent $500 to secure some of the items to help out a young couple planning to get married.

“It’s just one thing after another. They just don’t give up. They come up with something different every week,” said Hanna.

FOX 8 News wanted to try to identify the hackers and find where the money is being sent.

Through Facebook Messenger, they responded to a question about the French bulldogs, requesting a deposit of $300 to Venmo, Zelle, PayPal or Meta Pay to an account in Hanna’s name.

Hanna said he has had to replace his bank credit card three times in the past two weeks because of illegal activity on his cards, within days of him being issued new ones.

FOX 8 News also reached out on Monday to the Stark County Sheriff’s Office to see what can be done.

When asked if we could contact them directly, the hackers told FOX 8 that “Bill” was away and would not be back at home until Wednesday evening, and that he would not be able to take or make calls until then.

FOX 8 then made the hackers aware that we had just met with the actual Bill Hanna at his home at that the conversation along with their illegal online activity was being recorded and shared with the appropriate authorities.

The conversation immediately ended.

FOX 8 News also reached out to Meta, the parent company of Facebook, which does not take customer service calls.

Hanna said he filed a report with the company, but has not heard back from them regarding the complaint.

He cannot even access his own accounts to be able to delete them.

Hanna said he feels terrible for all of the people, including actual friends, who have lost money believing they were actually completing the transaction with him.

He said he is also now concerned about simply answering the door at his home.

“They are out of money, unless they can get it back from the service that they used,” he said. “You don’t know whether to open up your door when somebody shows up. You don’t know who it is.”


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