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VF Corp, parent company of Vans, Supreme, and The North Face, confirms cyberattack in December; hackers stole personal data of 35….
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VF Corp, the parent company of the popular apparel brands Vans, Supreme and The North Face have confirmed being hit by a cyberattack. The company has reportedly revealed that during the attack in December, hackers were able to steal personal data of 35.5 million customers. According to a report by TechCrunch, in a recent filing, the US-based company reported the data breach to regulators.

How this attack affected VF CorpThe filing doesn’t specifically mention what personal data was stolen, the report adds. The company stated that it does not retain consumer Social Security numbers, bank account information or payment card information for its consumer businesses. VF Corp also didn’t have evidence about the hackers stealing customer passwords.

Earlier, the company announced that hackers have disrupted its operations “by encrypting some IT systems,” implying a ransomware attack. Later, the ransomware and extortion gang known as ALPHV (or BlackCat) also claimed credit for the breach.

VF Corp also said that it was experiencing operational disruptions and its “ability to fulfill orders,” at the time of the incident. In its latest filing, the company said that it is “still experiencing minor residual impacts from the cyber incident.” However, VF assured that it had caught up on the fulfilling orders that were delayed.

The company also said that it “has substantially restored the IT systems and data that were impacted by the cyber incident, but continues to work through minor operational impacts.”


“On December 13, 2023, VF detected unauthorised occurrences on a portion of its information technology (IT) systems,” said the company.

The company also said that it was cooperating with federal law enforcement and the relevant regulatory authorities as required under the applicable law.

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