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Hackers have stolen millions of files from the studio that developed the controversial hit Steam shooter, Ready or Not, according to reports. The stolen data includes the game’s source code and builds for console versions.

Insider Gaming reports that 4TB of data, comprising over 2.1 million files, had been stolen in March. The hackers have not been named, and according to the site, Void Interactive has not reported any breach or expressed concern regarding Ready or Not.

The news platform was reportedly shown the contents of the files taken under the condition they are not republished. In addition to the source code for the SWAT-style multiplayer simulator, the stolen data also included versions of the game designed for PlayStation 5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One. Insider Gaming allegedly saw images of Ready or Not being played on a PlayStation 4 test kit.

Fortunately, the data breach does not appear to have compromised the personal information of players or Void Interactive employees involved in developing the game. It seems that the stolen files are strictly related to the technical aspects of Ready or Not.

Since its Early Access launch in 2022, Ready or Not has been exclusive to PC, attracting a large player base on Steam due to its gritty atmosphere and intense hostage situations.

What games have been targeted?

In the past year, several games were affected by data breaches. Hackers targeted the esports final of online shooter game Apex Legends, causing significant disruption to the closing stages of the North American tournament.

Hacker group Rhysida made good on a promise to leak gaming and personal data related to Insomniac Games in December after the Spider-Man developer refused the ransom demand of 50 Bitcoin (BTC), which is equivalent to around $2 million.

While a Japanese game hacker was recently arrested for selling modded Pokemon. He is now facing five years in prison.

ReadWrite has reached out to Void Interactive for comment.

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