Hackers tapping home appliances to launch attacks

Cyber security experts have issued a warning about a looming threat to your home and your personal privacy. Science writer Gary Robbins has been looking into the issue.

Device’s in people’s homes and offices that are connected to the internet — things such as routers and cameras, rice makers and thermostats — could increasingly be taken over by hackers in the coming weeks, according to cyber security experts.

The warning comes just after a piece of software involved in a major cyber attack was publicly released for anyone to tap. In this incident, hackers used this so-called “Mirai malware” to identify hundreds of homes and office devices that had weak security. Once access to these devices, hackers then switched those devices into a network that sent bizarre messages to a cyber-attack victim that had his whole company website shut down.

Some experts say the attack was a threat to free speech and it underlines a bigger issue that’s emerging in the worldly era of the Internet.


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