Hackers target daughter of Saudi singer

A famous Saudi singer’s daughter was put in a protection home in connection with posts on her Twitter account, Al-Sharq newspaper reported.

Fatima Bint Fahd Bin Saeed said she was contacted by the authorities regarding posts on her Twitter account.

“I stayed at a protection home for three months. The authorities investigated my tweets and found out that they were hacked by someone who was trying to sabotage me. The authorities released me and I am grateful to have come out innocent,” said Bin Saeed.

She added being at the protection home has opened her eyes.

“I was humbled by the people I met there. The home has a psychiatrist available to serve the inmates, a tennis court and a pool room. There are many activities to develop the inmates’ skills and interests. I was put in an isolated room and all I did was exercise and read books,” said Bin Saeed.

She said she withdrew from the hashtag against the guardianship system.

“There were fake accounts riling up people. When I was contacted by the authorities, none of the people who claimed would be with me had not come to my support. I was left alone to face the law. What many young social media users do not realize is that there are laws that govern the cyber space. Offenders could face up to five years in prison or a fine up to SR3 million,” said Bin Saeed.

Bin Saeed is the first Saudi woman who granted permission to travel abroad without a guardian. She proved to the court that she is an adult woman who provides for herself and is fully capable of taking care of herself without the need of a guardian.


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