Hackers Target Donald Trump’s hotel empire

US Presidential hopeful Donald Trump’s chain of luxury hotels appears to have been hacked by cyber-criminals.

The Trump Hotel Collection, which includes more than a dozen high-end hotels, was reportedly targeted by hackers who stole several customers’ credit card information.

According to cybersecurity expert Brian Krebs, he was tipped off by unnamed sources from the banking industry who, “noticed a pattern of fraud on customer credit cards which suggests that hackers have breached credit card systems at some — if not all — of the Trump Hotel Collection properties.”

According to the same sources, affected properties appeared to include Trump International Hotel New York,Trump Hotel Waikiki in Honolulu, and the Trump International Hotel & Tower in Toronto.
Although the breach has not been officially confirmed by the hotel chain, a representative told Krebs the group was “in the midst of a thorough investigation on this matter.”

“The report of the breach at the Trump Hotel Collection is not surprising given the amount of public attention on Donald Trump himself, as well as the general fact that hotels are a popular target for attackers,” said Chris Webber, from security company Centrify. “One thing we can be sure of is that Trump is a target for both hacktivists and financially-motivated attackers.”
If confirmed, this would be the second such attack on Trump’s hotels in nine months. The first attack, which was confirmed publicly by the Trump Group last October, saw payment terminals at nine properties around the US infected by a virus that had been stealing customers’ credit card information for a full year.

The stolen data, including credit card numbers, expiry dates and security codes on the back of cards, was quietly copied by the virus as hotel employees typed in payment details from hotel guests.

While it is unclear whether this new attack is politically motivated, Trump has previously been personally hacked by online activist collective Anonymous, who declared total war on Donald Trump, vowing to “dismantle” his campaign by hacking his campaign websites and leaking personal details.

The group has already posted a number of personal details allegedly belonging to Trump , including a social security number, personal phone number and contact details of close aides such as an agent and “legal representation”.

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