Hackers target Hunting & Fishing website

Hunting & Fishing’s online customers have been urged to contact their bank and check their transaction history after the website was hacked.

The outdoor and sport supply shop’s website has been suspended until further notice, according to a notice on the site.

Hunting & Fishing NZ general manager Trent Smith said it appeared that customer information had been taken.

On July 12 four customers contacted the company reporting unusual activity on their credit card.

“When it got to number four we closed the site,” Smith said.

An email was sent to customers to advise them of the hack.

On Wednesday there had been about 20 customers who had reported suspicious transactions on their credit cards.

He said most banks had stopped the transaction before any money had been taken.

The hack seems to have come from overseas, Smith said.

Hunting & Fishing’s technical staff were investigating the hack. The e-commerce side of the website would not reopen until the company was certain the hack could not happen again.

Smith said this was the first time the company’s website had been hacked


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