Hackers target tech firm owned by Cinderford businessman

ROMANIAN hackers targeted the email account of Cinderford businessman Neill Ricketts last week.
Mr Ricketts, the owner of advance materials firm Versarien, was caught out by entering his details into a google drive request sent to him from what he thought was a trusted source.
He said: “My email was compromised by a bunch of hackers in Romania.
“Please do not open any attachments or put in your google details as they will do the same to you.
“I was caught out by entering my details into a google drive request whilst on my mobile from an ex-employees email and from a trusted source.”
This was the first security breach the firm has had in its five-year history and Mr Ricketts has now doubled up the company’s IT defences.
Mr Ricketts added: “We take our security very seriously and have now implemented a series of new protocols including double verification (highly recommended) and keys for senior people.
“Our systems are all based on google and held by them, but we can always improve.
“In five years this is the first issue we have had with our email services.”
“Thanks to everyone who informed me so we could close it down quickly but not before they had sent emails to all my contacts that Google had kept.
He also recommended that anyone who had received an email from him should change their passwords and take precautions to avoid getting caught out.
Versarien, which quit its Mitcheldean base at Vantage Point in July last year, is doing well according to its owner.


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