Hackers Threaten to Leak Donald Trump’s Georgia Trial Docs If Ransom Isn’t Paid: Report | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

A ransomware crew that claims to have obtained a trove of court documents related to Donald Trump’s criminal trial in Fulton County, Georgia are threatening to dump it all online unless officials agree to buy its silence, according to a new report from former Washington Post reporter Brian Krebs. In a recent blog post, Krebs reported that the Russian-based LockBit hacker collective has warned it will publish the stolen documents on Saturday, March 2. It was not immediately clear how much money LockBit, which has published proof of the hack, has demanded. The threat surfaced after the FBI seized the gang’s servers last week, briefly taking them offline before the hackers were able to mount a comeback on the dark web. “The FBI decided to hack now for one reason only, because they didn’t want to leak information,” the group’s leader, LockBitSupp, reportedly wrote in a rambling Feb. 24 letter. “The stolen documents contain a lot of interesting things and Donald Trump’s court cases that could affect the upcoming US election.” Business Insider reported on Wednesday that the hive had since moved the deadline up to Thursday.

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