Hackers try to take over #fridges: Here’s how to |#thwart them

Hackers are able to infect unsecured home appliances and other electronic devices with malicious software and use them for their own nefarious purposes, but fortunately, with the right settings, homeowners can protect themselves.

It’s not that the hackers want to steal your milk or count your tomatoes.

A recent attack saw hackers infect a huge range of networked domestic appliances such as security cameras, baby monitors and refrigerators and then use them in a denial-of-service attack against companies including Twitter, Netflix and Amazon.

Domestic electronic devices are generally not well protected against external attacks. Germany’s Federal Office for Security in Information Technology (BSI) offers these recommendations to protect your home network against intruders:

– Deactivate unused functions such as remote access to hard drives connected to the router.

– Choose a strong password for devices such as security cameras which can be accessed over the Internet.

– Regularly update the software on all of your networked devices to ensure that newly discovered security vulnerabilities are plugged.

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