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Hacking Alert: Indian Hackers Claim to Crack Pakistani Police CCTV – Exclusive Inside Look! | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

Alleged cyber intrusion by the Indian hacking group into the Pakistani government’s CCTV system raises security concerns, with recent attacks on Indonesian websites and a Pakistani energy company.

Updated Nov 15, 2023 | 02:50 PM IST

Indian Cyber Force Claims Breach in Pakistani Police CCTV Network


  • Indian Cyber Force alleges hacking into Pakistani Police CCTV, sharing sensitive access details.
  • Series of cyberattacks linked to the group, including breaches in Indonesia and a Pakistani energy firm.
  • Security breach prompts swift countermeasures, highlighting the need for enhanced cybersecurity.

The Indian Cyber Force, a hacking group, has recently claimed a significant cyber intrusion into Pakistan’s security infrastructure. The group alleges to have gained access to the Pakistani Police’s CCTV network, sharing compromised IP addresses and login credentials on social media.

Indian Cyber Force Claims Breach in Pakistani Police CCTV Network

The Intrusion Details

The disclosed IP address,, is confirmed to be located in Pakistan. CCTV footage accessed through this IP shows five uniformed personnel working on computers, leading to speculation about the exact nature of the compromised location – whether it’s the central police dispatch system or another government office remains unclear.

Escalating Cyber Offensives

This incident is not isolated. On November 12th, the same group claimed responsibility for hacking over 14 Indonesian websites. Prior to that, MASON1, a Pakistani green energy company, also reportedly fell victim to this group’s cyberattacks. These events mark an escalation in the group’s activities, underlining a growing trend in international cyber warfare.

Proof provided by Indian Cyber Force

Response and Security Measures

Following the leak, the IP address in question is now blocking account logins using the leaked credentials, indicating a response to the security breach. This move is part of the broader efforts to counteract the cyber threats and reinforce digital security infrastructures.

The Broader Implications

This series of cyberattacks highlights the increasing sophistication and frequency of cross-border cyber warfare. It brings to the forefront the critical need for robust cybersecurity measures and international cooperation to combat such threats.

Indian Cyber Force has also shared video footage from the CCTV

As this story develops, it underscores the importance of heightened cybersecurity vigilance and international dialogue on cyber ethics and security.


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