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(ThyBlackMan.com) The world of cybersecurity is truly fascinating and scary in equal measure, and it is something which more of us need to be aware of, especially if you run a business. Bharat Bhise HNA gave a talk at a conference recently about the aims and desires of hackers and cybercriminals, which was a essentially a cautionary tale which everyone must pay attention to. Bharat has seen it all in the world of cybercrime and he still witnesses things which shock and surprise him. To understand the importance of this we must first understand why people hack in the first place, and what they are looking for when they do so, let’s take a look.

Ethical Hacking

Technically speaking the term ‘ethical hacking’ is used to refer to hackers who are recruited by a company to test out their cybersecurity for them. In this case however we are discussing hackers who are not hired by anyone, but who hack for their own ethical reasons. For example let’s say that a company decides to do business with a dubious company, some hacking groups may attack this company’s system to show their disdain and to cause them as many problems and public embarrassment as they can.

For Hire

A huge number of hackers actually do this and get paid by one oftener clients for the work that they have done. Few hackers get into the game because of the criminality, but once they have amassed those skills which allow them to hack, criminal organizations and nefarious individuals realize what they are able to do and then try to sub-contract them for various types of hacks. It is actually rather difficult to steal money from a hack, which is why many do it as a paid-for service.

Bragging Rights

Surprisingly a huge number of the hacks which we see really have nothing to do with crime per se, but are in fact done by hackers who are trying to show off how good they are. There is a real sense of brinksmanship in the hacking community and each level of cybersecurity is seen as a challenge more than a deterrent. Whilst this may be harmless in terms of criminality, a hack such as this can still cause a big headache to many companies who will then have to review their systems and its security.


There is of course individuals who will hack with criminal intent, they may look to cause damage to a business or government system, or they may be looking to steal whatever they find once they have breached the system. This could be personal information, trade secrets or straight up cash, there is a huge amount that they will be able to obtain once they have successfully hacked into a system. These are the minority but they do present a very real danger to many companies and individuals.

This is something that is on the rise and it is something which you need to educate yourself about sooner rather than later.

Staff Writer; Rick Carter

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