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Hacking group targets file transfer tool, leading to major data breaches, government warns | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

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Major data breaches overview: 

  • Who: The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency and FBI have released a joint advisory warning about an ongoing hacking campaign that is being conducted by the CL0P hacking group. 
  • Why: CL0P, the same group believed to be behind a similar cybercrime spree in 2021, has been targeting a file transfer tool called MOVEit, with officials warning the group’s actions could lead to a wave of data breaches. 
  • Where: Nationwide. 
  • What are my options: Norton LifeLock carries many options when it comes to personal data security. 

A hacking group believed to be behind a cybercrime spree in 2021 is once again involved in an active hacking campaign targeting a file transfer tool that could lead to a wave of data breaches, according to US cybersecurity officials.

The hacking group, named “CL0P,” is targeting a file transfer tool called MOVEit that belongs to Progress Software Corp., according to a joint advisory by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency and FBI on June 7. 

Officials say CL0P has been attempting to steal data belonging to MOVEit clients since at least May 27. A confirmed victim includes Zellis, a UK-based payroll services provider whose clients include British Airways and the BBC, reports Law360. 

CL0P is believed to have breached the networks belonging to more than 8,000 organizations worldwide, including an attack on a separate file transfer software vendor in 2021 that led to a number of data breaches.  

CL0P warns it will sell stolen data on black market if ransom is not paid by June 14

In a post on its page on the dark web, CL0P wrote that hundreds of companies have already been victimized as part of the cyberattack, and gave a June 14 deadline to negotiate a ransom to avoid having their names posted on the site. 

CL0P warned that companies who did not agree to negotiate a ransom would eventually have their data leaked and published by the hacking group.

“We deliberately did not disclose your organization and wanted to negotiate with you and your leadership first. If you ignore us, we will sell your information on the black market and publish it on our blog,” CL0P wrote. 

In addition to Zellis, the government of Nova Scotia also reportedly released a statement last weekend confirming that as many as 100,000 of its employees may have had their data stolen in the hacking campaign.

Last month, Microsoft warned in a blog post that a Chinese hacking group has been targeting infrastructure in the US in what the tech company says is likely part of intelligence-gathering efforts

Have you been impacted by a data breach attributed to the CL0P hacking group? Let us know in the comments!

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