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Terminal hacking is a significant skill in Fallout 4 that gives you access to a wide range of narrative/combat options. Often, accessing the right terminal and choosing the proper commands can help you bypass huge enemy swarms or turn the tide of battle in your favor. If you want to unlock sealed doors, understand life before the War, and access some of the biggest secrets in the game, you’ll need to be a good hacker.

Hacking itself involves finding a terminal. Terminals are usually boxy and old-fashioned, fitting the 1950s aesthetic of the world, but they can also be circular or attached to the wall. If it has a keyboard, it’s probably a terminal. While many terminals have freely accessible information, important info is locked behind passwords.


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How To Hack Into Terminals In Fallout 4

Best Tips For Hacking

What makes hacking in Fallout 4 so fun is that it is not instant access to a terminal but rather a mini-game that requires you to search through lines of code for the correct password. When you boot up the terminal and start hacking, you’ll get 32 lines of code split into two 16-line columns. The goal is to find the password among the many words randomly generated into the code. You only get a few guesses before the mini-game fails, and you have to try again.

To successfully hack into the terminal, you’ll need to analyze the Likeness of your chosen word. Likeness represents how many letters match the password. For example, in the first image of the gallery above, RAIDER has a Likeness of 1. This means that one of the letters in RAIDER matches the password. TAVERN has a Likeness of 0, however. This means the password does not have a second letter of A, the only one shared with RAIDER. Therefore, the only remaining options for the password are SHOVEL and REMIND.

Likeness focuses on the order of letters in the word
, not the letters themselves. This is why TAVERN’s Likeness can be at 0 despite sharing letters with SHOVEL and REMIND; none of the letters are in the same place within the word. The options, meanwhile, share an E and an R with RAIDER, respectively.

If this sounds confusing, don’t worry. Other snippets of code make finding the right word easy. As you look through the code, you’ll often find closed snippets of code contained within a (), {}, [], or <>. If you click on one of these code snippets, you’ll either reset your tries back to the base number or get rid of extra words. these options make finding the password easier. You can click as many of these as you can find and quickly hack into any terminal.

How To Make Hacking Easier In Fallout 4

Nick Valnetine from Fallout 4 looking towards his left

Your ability to hack into different terminals depends on your Hacker Perk level. The Hacker Perk is one of the most important perks in Fallout 4, as it defines your ability to access terminals throughout the Commonwealth. Similar to lockpicking, different terminals are given different difficulty levels. Anyone can hack Novice terminals, but if you want to hack into Advanced, Expert, or Master terminals, you must get your Hacker Perk up.

You can unlock Advanced, Expert, and Master terminals
at ranks 1, 2, and 3
. Rank 4 ensures terminals don’t kick you out should you fail to hack them. The Hacker Perk requires an
Intelligence level of at least 4
to work.

Perk Rank

Level Requirements


Level 1


Level 9


Level 21


Level 33

There is a unique item and another perk you can unlock for extra hacking prowess. If you travel into Vault 75, one of the five vaults in Fallout 4, you can collect the Science Bobblehead, which permanently unlocks another password guess when hacking into terminals. Meanwhile, the Close to Metal Perk provides another guess while reducing lock-out timers by 50%. If you want this perk, you’ll need to charm the best companion for hacking: Nick Valentine.

How To Use Nick Valentine For Hacking

Nick Valentine is considered by many to be the best companion in Fallout 4, a synth detective with memories based on a pre-war investigator. His story and connections to the Far Harbor DLC make him a significant asset to the Sole Survivor. He’s especially important if your character build lacks high Intelligence and the Hacker Perk.

If you have Nick as your companion, you can ask him to hack into terminals for you (save for Master terminals). While he can fail and not be asked to try the terminal again, you can still try to hack in. If you bring him along as you make choices he supports, you can raise his affinity and get the Close to Metal Perk. Even without Nick, however, hacking into terminals and finding their passwords in Fallout 4 shouldn’t be hard.

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