#hacking | Is the Electoral System Cyber Secure for 2020?

Changing Tactics

Still, critics question whether that’s enough. They say that the security of the overall electoral system remains vulnerable in many of ways, just as it was in 2016. And they criticize the $380 million that Congress allocated for election improvements in 2018 as insufficient. Although a proposed election security bill that would have earmarked another $1 billion for states to bolster their election infrastructure got derailed, Congress is still poised to spend another $250 million on election security in the 2020 budget.

At the same time, election officials face another, more complex challenge: How to counter the impact of disinformation campaigns by outsiders who use social media to sow division and undermine trust in US institutions. Unfortunately, there are no quick-and-easy solutions.

“With the quickly approaching 2019 elections in New Jersey and Virginia and the 2020 Presidential election it is imperative that corporations, campaigns, governments and citizens remain vigilant in protecting the security and integrity of our most sensitive data. The partnership between government and the private sector will be key to hold those who seek to sow discord and chaos to our democracy at bay,” said Kim Allman, Director of Government Affairs at Symantec.

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