#hacking | No, BYOD Doesn’t Need to End in Tears

The Bring Your Own Device movement has ushered in an era in which millions of people access work data on the corporate server using their privately-owned phones. But security managers are paid to worry and many rightly question the wisdom of allowing employees to use their personal mobile devices for work.

Even though they’ve lost the war, however, they’ve learned to deal with the new reality foisted upon them. Putting in place corporate-wide rules, backed up by the deployment of MDM solutions to exercise a degree of control will hopefully, mitigate risks posed by the use of privately-owned devices. Of course, the logistics will never be easy, especially when employees use more than a single device. In those instances, IT winds up needing to support multiple devices, regardless of the operating system, handling whatever software incompatibility issues crop up along the way.

But those are minor annoyances. The more serious concern is that despite all the efforts to preach best practices, employees will continue to be careless or take shortcuts that leave their devices – and their employers’ data –exposed to attackers.

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