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Halcyon, Revelstoke Integrate Technologies to Support Security Ops Teams | #ransomware | #cybercrime

“Businesses across every sector are struggling to protect themselves from the increased threat of ransomware.”

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Startups Halcyon Tech and Revelstoke Security are collaborating to improve security operations by tying Halcyon’s advanced ransomware detections and defenses with the low-code security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) features of Revelstoke.

Halcyon’s platform can augment endpoint protection, detection and response and automated network resiliency, when combined with Revelstoke’s technology. Thus, the integration aims to help organizations streamline the prevention of ransomware attacks and minimize the impact of attacks in progress.

Commenting on the collaboration, Revelstoke CEO and co-founder Bob Kruse said:

“Businesses across every sector are struggling to protect themselves from the increased threat of ransomware. By integrating Halcyon’s leading AI-driven cyber resilience capabilities with our next-level enterprise security automation, organizations can optimize security workflows and protect business operations.”

What the Integration Delivers

Key benefits of the integration include:

  • Halcyon’s pre-execution AI models are designed to prevent advanced threats such as ransomware attacks. They offer a robust first line of defense against cyber hijackings.
  • The threat data produced by Halcyon is enriched by Revelstoke’s vast integration ecosystem. It adds context and actionable insights for enhanced threat hunting and incident response.
  • The blend of Halcyon’s extensible integration API with Revelstoke’s unified data layer/API ensures smooth data sharing and cooperation between the two platforms, facilitating faster and more efficient response mechanisms.
  • When ransomware bypasses an installed EDR/EPP, Halcyon intervenes, halting its progress. This threat data is then passed to Revelstoke, which automates the process of pushing the data to the EDR/EPP platform for further analysis and defense strengthening.
  • Halcyon’s high fidelity prevention and resilience mechanisms identify ransomware that may have bypassed the installed EPP/EDR. It provides valuable data for further analysis. When integrated into Revelstoke’s ecosystem, this data aids in enhancing other layers of defense, such as the network perimeter.

Halcyon chief executive and co-founder Jon Miller explained that most cybercrimes are financially motivated and ransomware is the “weapon of choice” of cyber criminals:

“We are pleased to expand our offerings through our partnership with Revelstoke. Together we can help our joint customers insulate themselves, and we look forward to deepening our relationship and providing more tools to help customers defend themselves going forward.”

Halcyon Channels $50 Million Investment

Last April, Halcyon closed a $50 million Series A capital investment to accelerate adoption of its ransomware resilience platform. Managed security service providers integrate Halcyon’s technology into their managed service offering. Revelstoke maintains a channel program for value-added resellers and global alliance partners.

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