Half a billion records were compromised with Hi Tech Hustle in 2013


According to Symantec 2013 was the badest year for Corportaion as major Hi tech information breaches took place in 2013
Reasearchers estimated over 552 million+ user information and documents have been stolen by cyber criminals and cyber espinage .

Most of the Cyber Attacks in 2013 were originate from the United states while the biggest targets of these attacks was the United
states as well Only in 8 breaches compromised data was above 10 million user credential.

Symantec Security Response director, Kevin Haley Says:-
“One mega breach can be worth 50 smaller attacks. While the level of sophistication continues to grow among attackers, what was
surprising last year was their willingness to be a lot more patient — waiting to strike until the reward is bigger and better,”

Nothing breeds success like success — especially if you’re a cyber criminal,The potential for huge paydays means
large-scale attacks are here to stay. Companies of all sizes need to re-examine, re-think and possibly re-architect their security posture.”

These Half Billion breaches are the only which were high lighted and exposed while the number of breaches taking place in Underground Hackers
Dark web is still unknown…
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