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  • Rainbow Six Siege requires players to understand intricate mechanics, maps, operators, and audio to succeed in ranked. Team coordination and role dedication are vital for victory.
  • Rocket League may seem casual, but it has complex mechanics and requires players to master skills like shooting, passing, ball control, and game sense. Team play and communication are crucial for success.
  • Valorant emphasizes team coordination and understanding of agent abilities, map knowledge, and consistent aiming. Reaching the top rank of Radiant demonstrates exceptional skill and game understanding.

Playing ranked in any game is a fun way to match with skilled players and enjoy a highly competitive environment. Some games have an easy ranked experience due to a lower skill ceiling, while others have a high skill ceiling and provide a challenging ranked experience.

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All ranked modes start easy and gradually increase in difficulty as players gain experience and climb up, but some games have a less subtle difficulty increase and have a skewed rank distribution. Many players have invested thousands of hours to reach the highest rank in their preferred game. Once at the top rank, these players can flex their hard-earned ranked badge to others.

6 Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege is full of intricate mechanics that players must learn before playing in ranked. They must understand the maps, operators, and audio to hold their own in a ranked game. On top of understanding several mechanics, players must have satisfactory team coordination and patience. Dedicating team roles such as an anchor is vital for victory in ranked.

Users will need to select optimal Siege operator combos that allow for their team plays to overwhelm enemies. Rainbow Six Siege players frequently analyze professional gameplay and use the information to advance through ranked.

The highest rank in Rainbow Six Siege is Champion and will require time and skill while competing with the most skilled players in the game.

5 Rocket League

5 Cars flying in air

Despite appearing to be a casual game at first glance, Rocket League is the polar opposite of that. While many consider Rocket League to be a fun party game to play with friends, the title is full of intricate mechanics that are hard to master. Rocket League has a strong player base due to its easy-to-learn and hard-to-master gameplay style.

Players must learn many skills such as shooting, passing, ball control, vehicle control, and game sense. Team play is another vital part of matches, and players on voice comms will have an advantage over their enemies.

The highest rank in Rocket League is Supersonic Legend and requires players to advance through 7 rank tiers to reach.

4 Valorant

Valorant with 2 agents cover art

Valorant was the most-watched FPS game in 2022 on Twitch and is showing no signs of slowing down. The game has a vibrant competitive community with frequent tournaments and thousands of online guides. Valorant is an FPS with a heavy emphasis on team coordination. The more coordinated a team is with their abilities, timing, and pushes, the more likely they are to outperform their opponents.

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Players need to understand all agent abilities, have strong map knowledge, and consistently aim to hold their own in ranked. Players have created aim routines on AimLabs to improve their aim and give them an advantage in competitive play.

The top rank in Valorant is called Radiant and only holds 500 players. Reaching Radiant is a testament to their skill and unmatched understanding of the game.

3 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

csgo ak-47

No FPS game is more iconic than Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Compared to Valorant, CS:GO is easy for teams to coordinate but is harder mechanically. Aiming and movement in CS:GO are hard to master since the guns have strong recoil and are difficult to use without memorizing the pattern. Valve’s FPS is harder to get into as players need to unlearn many habits, such as moving while shooting.

Having a team that communicates will vastly boost the chances of a team winning a match. Knowing callouts and critical information to relay to teammates can make or break a match.

CS:GO will soon be replaced by Counter-Strike 2, and players are excited about the launch. The highest rank in CS:GO is Global Elite which holds the top 0.76% of the player base.

2 Apex Legends

bloodhound fighting art

The ranked grind in Apex Legends is a grueling task. Apex Legends has a high skill ceiling as it has intricate movement and a high time to kill compared to other games. The Battle Royale format in ranked leads to a chaotic match that requires players to understand positioning and playing alongside the ring.

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Having a team is crucial as Apex Legends requires intense team coordination in the higher ranks. The highest rank is Apex Predator, which holds 750 players per platform. Apex Legends saw a failure in its ranked season 17 as a pro player was able to reach Apex Predator without using a gun. The majority of players are ranked at Masters, which is the rank directly below Apex Predator.

Apex has implemented changes to rebalance its ranked distribution and prevent players from reaching the higher ranks with ease. In a previous season, the top two ranks held 0.20% of the player base.

1 League of Legends

Character in snow and mountains

Few games can tilt gamers in ranked like League of Legends can. Since League of Legends is heavily team-dependent, players often have a match lost due to a bad play from a teammate. The ranked grind in League of Legends is challenging, as players are expected to lose a lot.

Players need to master more than one LoL champion to grasp the game’s depth. There is a shocking amount of mechanics players need to master to advance in rank. Players must frequently glance at the mini-map, avoid bad trades, improve their dodging, skill shots, mouse accuracy, and even remember enemy cooldowns.

The highest rank in League of Legends is Challenger and can only hold the top 200 or 300 players per region. The rank below challenger is Grand Master and on average holds around 0.5% of the ranked player base.

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