Harnessing Technology for Enhanced Student Security | #schoolsaftey

LONDON, June 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — School shootings continue to pose a significant challenge in the United States, prompting an urgent need for comprehensive and innovative solutions. In response to this pressing issue, Adlai Stevenson High School student, Kennedy Molakal, has seized the opportunity during his summer internship at ALCOR’s Innovation and Technology Center in conjunction with Tom Goran Skog, a global innovator to spearhead a technological revolution to mitigate this crisis.

Kennedy and his fellow student researchers are working around the clock to develop a spectrum of potential solutions that marry technology and safety. These include rapid response technologies for immediate action during emergencies, AI-based anomaly detection for early threat identification, and enhanced surveillance systems that bolster school security. The team is also exploring inclusive digital mental health platforms and cognitive tests for high-risk profiles, ensuring a comprehensive approach toward safety.

“Every moment we invest in developing these solutions brings us a step closer to creating safer schools,” said Molakal. “We believe integrating technology with preemptive mental health support will significantly contribute to preventing such tragic incidents.”

The team is harnessing the power of innovation to tackle an issue that has taken a heavy toll on communities nationwide. Their optimism and unwavering commitment reflect a generation unwilling to accept the status quo.

For more information about this initiative or to arrange interviews with Kennedy and his team, please contact ALCOR Innovation at +1 800 507 4489

About ALCOR’s Innovation and Technology Center: ALCOR’s Innovation and Technology Center is a global hub for fostering creativity and cutting-edge technological advancements. The Center nurtures young innovators like Kennedy, providing them with the resources and platform to turn their innovative ideas into reality.

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